Frequently Asked Questions

How do you vet influencers to ensure they are a good fit for our brand?

Apvertise has a robust vetting process to ensure that influencers are a good fit for your brand. Some steps we take to vet influencers are analyze previous collaborations of the influencer, identify the focus point of the influencer to ensure that they are in line with your brand identity. Our goal is to help you find influencers who are genuinely interested in your brand and can help you reach your target audience with authentic, engaging content.

What types of metrics do you use to measure the success of influencer campaigns?

Apvertise ensures success of your campaigns by measuring the clicks and impressions on your campaign as a result of our influencer marketing.

How do you ensure that sponsored content aligns with our brand values and messaging?

Apvertise understands how important it is for sponsored content to align with your brand's values and messaging. We take several steps to ensure that the content created by influencers on our platform aligns with your brand's values and messaging such as (please help Eunice 🤗)

What campaign packages do you have?

Apvertise has three main campaign packages to suit your required needs. We have acquisition campaigns which is to achieve sign ups and many more on your platform. We also have awareness campaigns which is tailored towards gaining impressions to your brand. Lastly, we have our Personalized Influencer Marketing Package which allows your brand maximum control of your required marketing needs.

What does your online mall offer for my brand?

Apvertise online mall feature is a dream come true as it offers your brand increased visibility, increased sales, brand recognition at a reduced cost rate.  What are you waiting for? Use our feature today and experience increased visibility like never before

How do you ensure that influencers disclose their relationship with our brand in sponsored content?

Apvertise takes influencer disclosure very seriously. We understand the importance of transparency and ensuring that sponsored content is clearly disclosed to the influencer's audience. Hence we have clear disclosure guidelines and ensure effective monitoring of influencers. If an influencer fails to disclose their relationship with your brand, we take swift action to correct the issue and prevent it from happening in the future.

What is the minimum cost for creation of campaigns?

Apvertise offers a minimum cost of $10 dollars for the creation of campaigns on our platform.

How and when is my wallet debited?

On Apvertise brands wallets are not debited until impressions and clicks have been made on their campaigns. Therefore you can be confident that unless you’ve received value for your campaigns, your wallet will not be debited.

How are disputes between influencers and brands resolved?

Apvertise ensures that disputes between influencers and brands are resolved by effective communication with us via email, phone or any other means of communication provided by us.

What is your process for selecting influencers on Apvertise?

Apvertise is democratizing influencer marketing and this means anyone can connect businesses to their target audience. However, we know how important it is for brands to receive value from their influencer marketing campaigns so we select based on Relevance, Engagement, Authenticity, Reach, and Track records

What types of brands do you work with?

We do not have limits to the brands we work with, this means we work with any brand in any industry of life.

How do you determine compensation for influencers?

Our payments are fully automated and depending on the campaign you push; you will get paid daily. We pay influencers based on impressions, clicks, traffic and engagement

How do you ensure that sponsored content aligns with an influencer's personal brand?

We understand how important it is for influencers to push products that aligns with their brands and we have made it flexible. You don’t have to work with a brand that doesn’t align with you brand, you get to choose which brand to work with any day and anytime

How do you handle conflicts or disagreements between influencers and brands?

We are big on providing the best service for influencers and businesses and if we find this type of issue, there is room to open a dispute by sending an email to support@apvertise.com and we will investigate it.

What kind of support or resources do you provide to help influencers create high-quality content?

We know how it can be difficult to get the right location et al for production and we ensure that we are communicating with our influencers all through the process of content creation to make it easy and when it requires our help, we step in to assist

What platforms are required for influencing?

All platforms. We want to ensure maximum reach for all businesses on Apvertise

How often do influencers get jobs from Brands?

There is always a campaign to push on Apvertise. You do not need to chase gigs anymore; we have done that job for you.

Is there a minimum amount I get paid daily?

No. You get paid for what you have done. However, you need to make a minimum of $10 to be able to initiate a pay out

How do I become eligible for the Personalized Influencer Marketing Package?

We are very precise with the influencers for this category so you need to have a minimum of 10,000 following on any of your social media platforms.

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